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See the world… and take your kids along with you!! Planes, Trains & Kids Travel was created out of my love for researching t... more

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7 Tips for Touring Tuscany

If you close your eyes and picture 'Italy', chances are, it's the rows of vineyards and... more
updated 06/02/2020 in Italy

Is a World Cruise Right for You?

Cruising is a storied way of travel, full of unique traditions and experiences you'... more
updated 06/02/2020 in Anywhere

The Family Vacation to Book Next: National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures

DON'T MISS TRAVELING DURING ANOTHER SCHOOL HOLIDAY Families in search of a meaning... more
updated 06/02/2020 in Anywhere

Christmas on the Danube

COLLETTE EUROPEAN RIVER CRUISESSail Into Holiday Cheer Begin your holiday season with ... more
updated 06/02/2020 in Europe

5 Little-Known Facts about Africa's 'Big Five' Animals

'Safari'. It's a Swahili word simply meaning 'journey'. But for travel lovers... more
updated 06/02/2020 in Africa

Top Reasons This is Puerto Rico's Most Iconic Luxury Hotel

Whether you love Old Havana colonial style, rhythms and cocktails, Mid-Century modern t... more
updated 06/02/2020 in Puerto Rico

German Grandeur for Beer Enthusiasts – Cruise Only

Your picturesque river cruise begins on the Rhine River in Basel, Switzerland. You’ll s... more
updated 06/02/2020 in

Grand Catholic Italy with Oberammergau: 2020 Faith-Based Tour by Globus

Enjoy first-class seating for Germany's famous, once-a-decade Passion Play,visit and at... more
updated 06/02/2020 in Italy

Sicilian Escape

Escape to Sicily for seven days of beauty, cuisine, and history—without the crowds you’... more
updated 06/02/2020 in

On Safari in Kenya with Amboseli

Imagine seeing wildlife—lion, zebra, giraffe, Cape buffalo, flamingo, elephant, and mor... more
updated 06/02/2020 in

5 Top Spring Flower Spectacles and Where to Find Them

If you're like me, Spring can never come too soon. And nothing says Spring like ne... more
updated 06/02/2020 in Europe

Why Travelers in the Know are Booking A Douro River Cruise in Portugal

Have you taken a river cruise in Europe yet? The 'Big Three' river cruises are the... more
updated 06/02/2020 in Portugal