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See the world… and take your kids along with you!! Planes, Trains & Kids Travel was created out of my love for researching t... more

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5 Reasons to Get Excited About Booking an Expedition Cruise This Year

Leave your evening gown at home and pack your hiking shoes instead. For more and more t... more
updated 04/20/2019 in Anywhere

3 New Cruise Line Private Islands

It used to be that private islands were the playgrounds of the ridiculously rich and fa... more
updated 04/20/2019 in Caribbean

Top 10 Souvenirs from a Trip to Hawaii

You'll come home with a million sun-drenched memories of a holiday in Hawaii. Here... more
updated 04/20/2019 in Hawaii

This 400-Year-Old Easter Play Only Happens Once a Decade in this German Village

You may never have heard of the small Bavarian village of Oberammergau. But every ... more
updated 04/20/2019 in Germany

History of Reggae Music

I am going to share a secret with you about the history of Reggae Music. I think now is... more
updated 04/20/2019 in Jamaica

Reflections on the Seine with a Visit to the Juno Beach Centre on an Avalon River Cruise

Book by April 30 for $499 Airfrom Major Canadian Cities on Select Dates!Some Departure ... more
updated 04/20/2019 in Normandy

What's your Favorite Experience at the Juno Beach Centre?

Everyone experiences travel differently, and this may be most true of historic sites. S... more
updated 04/20/2019 in Normandy

Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Croatia

From an isolated backwater behind the Iron Curtain, Croatia has transformed itself into... more
updated 04/20/2019 in Croatia

Seven Seas Splendor

updated 04/20/2019 in Anywhere

Spanish City Explorer

Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid are spectacular Spanish cities: Barcelona, home of grea... more
updated 04/20/2019 in

You Can Celebrate Richard Branson's Birthday With Him on his Adults-Only Cruise Line

With flamboyant Sir Richard Branson at the helm, the 2020 launch of Virgin Voyages is o... more
updated 04/20/2019 in Caribbean