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Jennifer Trofimuk

Jennifer Trofimuk

Planes, Trains & Kids Travel

See the world… and take your kids along with you!!

Opportunities to travel came later in my life. For me, the decision was either stay at home and wait until my kids were “older”, or, take them with my husband and me when a trip presented itself. I chose the latter option, and jumped at the chance to go! Sure, travelling long distances on planes, trains or cruises with your kids can seem intimidating but I’ve learned it’s completely doable! Since our kids were young, we were lucky enough to travel to many places in Canada, Maui and Oahu, Hawaii, the Mayan Riviera, Mexico, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Disneyland, San Diego, Disney World, a Bahamian Disney Cruise, London, England, Istanbul, Turkey, many places throughout Italy, and Paris, France. Most recently we had an amazing family vacation in Club Med Ixtapa, Mexico! We have many more plans to continue to see the world with our kids in the future.

Planes, Trains & Kids Travel was created out of my love for researching the next great destination, planning that big trip, and exploring the amazing world around us! Travelling has become my passion, and I’m excited to help you find the perfect place for you and your family. I want you to not only arrive at your destination, but to experience it with your kids, whether it’s at an all inclusive beach vacation, a Caribbean cruise, a European adventure, or something more unique and exotic.

Put your trust in me to listen to your wish list, understand your concerns and help make your next adventure happen!